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Johann Nepomuk Nestroy

Nestroy in his shining role as "Sansquartier" in "Zwölf Mädchen in Uniform". (1842)
        Johann Nepomuk Nestroy was the son of a lawyer, and born on the 7th December 1801 in Vienna. He started to study law like his father did, but when he was 20 years old, he decided to quit his studies and do something else.

Nestroy's new passion was to play on the theatre. He attended his first play in 1822 on the "Wiener Hofoper" as Sarastro. After some years of travelling he was engaged in the year 1831 by "Director Carl" as a comedian and stage poet at the "Theater an der Wien".

Nestroy was called a supreme comic dramatist of the German language, a creative genius on a par with the other great names of international comedy. For nearly thirty years – roughly 1830 to 1860 – he dominated the commercial stage in Vienna, working in a theatrical culture tuned to entertainment, and the most famous of his satirical comedies, which he wrote when he was at his peak for a bout a decade and a half from the late 1830s, continue to be widely performed. (W. Edgar Yates)

As an actor Nestroy was able to play 879 different roles, including his favourite as "Sansquartier" in "Zwölf Mädchen in Uniform" and as "Titus Feuerkopf" (Titus Firehead) in his own play "Der Talisman" (1840).

During the revolution in 1848, he was heavily critized because he was playing a pardoy about the freedom. The people who were fighting for freedom in that time, were quite upset about such theatre plays of Nestroy. They thought it's not polite to make jokes about freedom, which had a bloody price.

After his big success in Vienna, he moved to Graz to spend the rest of his life there. He was still working as a theatre man, and died 25th May 1862.

Theatre plays of Nestroy are still very popular in Austria, and it's a great fun to watch them.

His best plays:
- 1835: Zu ebener Erde und im ersten Stock
- 1842: Einen Jux will er sich machen
- 1844: Der Zerrissene
- 1848: Freiheit in Krähwinkel

Very delicate plays of Nestroy were:
- 1833: Robert der Teuxel
- 1849: Judith und Holofernes
- 1857: Tannhäuser
- 1859: Lohengrin

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"Der böse Geist Lumpazivagabundus" (1833)

"Hutmacher und Strumpfwirker" (1841)

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