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Freyung Square Vienna

Freyung is a public square, located in the centre of the first district in Vienna.

Orginally the Freyung square was located outside the Roman fortification walls of Vindabona. Irish monks arrived during the 12th century and built the Scottish Monastery  (German: Schottenkloster) as Ireland was called "New Scotland" that time. The square around the Schottenkloster was called "at the Scots".

As the monastery of the Irish monks had the privilege of freedom, the place become also known as Freyung, which had its origin in the German word "frey", meaning "free".

Later the Freyung square became an important market place and also a stage for ambitious street artists and entertainers. One of these entertainers was the Viennese Hanswurst who was performed by Josef Stranitzky.

the freyung in vienna

The fountain was erected by Ludwig Schwanthaler between the years 1844 and 1846 in honour of Emperor Ferdinand I of Austria.

the freyung in vienna

The Freyung square into the direction of the former gate of the Scottish monastery called "Schottentor".

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