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Inhabitants: 58.000Wels is the 8th biggest city in Austria, and the 2nd biggest city after Linz, of the province Upper Austria.

    Medieval City Wall
HistoryThe first humans who settled in the area around Wels were Illyrians in 1000 BC. Nowadays Albanians claim to be the only descendants of the Illyrians. Around 400 BC Celtic Tribes came to Wels and the Illyrians had to go again. The Celtics founded the Celtic Kingdom "Noricum", and Wels was part of it.In the year 15 BC the soldiers from the old Rome took Wels and named it "Municipium Aelium Ovilava". Wels had an important meaning and was frontier town.In the year 488 the Romean Province Noricum got lost and the former prospering Wels went down into insignificance.In 600 Bavarians came to Wels and in the year 776 they named the city "Castrum Uueles". In 1215 the name "Castrum Uueles" turned into "Wels".
wels hauptplatz main square
Wels Hauptplatz/Main Squarewels schmidtgasse
Wels Schmidtgasseminoriten monastery
Minoriten Monastery/Minoritenkloster

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