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ried upper austria oberösterreichInhabitants: 11.700

Ried is a town in the Upper Austrian region "Innviertel", about 70km from Linz to the western direction and 60km northern direction from Salzburg. Ried is located in the center of the Innviertel region.

The name comes from the Middle High German experession "Riet" (also: Rieth, Reet, Rohr, etc...) and means "on the shore" or "at marshy area growing reed".

Ried was mentioned the first time in a document on the 13th November 1136 as Bavarian castle of the Ried family. The citizens of Ried were mentioned the first time in 1180, which means that there was a village around the castle.

There is a legend about the town which plays in the year 1191. A bounded boot was placed on the top of a lance to motivate the soldiers to take a town during the time of the crusades. The bounded boot on the top of the lance motivated the knights really that much, that they were able to take the town. As the one who had such idea was from Ried,  this bounded boot became part of the crest of Ried.

Since 1867 Ried hosts the "Rieder Messe", a trade fair in regular intervals which draws visitors from the whole world.

Since the promotion in Austria's highest football league in 1995, Ried has also a professional football team. In the season 1997/98 SV Ried won the Austrian cup title. The little town club was also qualified to play several times in the European cup.

ried upper austria oberösterreich

The main church of & lt;strong>Ried in the centre of the town.

ried upper austria oberösterreich

Jahnturnhalle - the hall dedicated to "Turnvater Jahn", who was a master of gymnastics. This building is located directly opposite of the Hotel Kaiser.

ried upper austria oberösterreich

The alleys in the centre of Ried.

ried upper austria oberösterreich

The main square of Ried.

ried upper austria oberösterreich

The Stelzhamer monument in the centre. Mr. Stelzhamer composed the hymn of the federal province Upper Austria. He was a child of the town.

ried upper austria oberösterreich

The home ground of the football team: SV Ried.

Accommodation Hotels:Braugasthof/Hotel TrägerRoss¸markt 274910 Ried im Innkreis

Hotel KaiserF. Thurnerstrass¸e 44910 Ried im Innkreis

Gasthof Innviertler HofRainer Strass¸e 114910 Ried im Innkreis

Motel RiedEiselsbergerstrass¸e 54910 Ried im Innkreis

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