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Hinterstoder is a village in the Southern part of Upper Austria.

The village is located close on the border to the federal state Styrua and 400 m above sea level. Hinterstoder is surrouned by a lot of mountains: Grosser Priel (2.514 m),  Kleiner Priel (2.134 m), Spitzmauer (2.446 m) and Warscheneck (2.389 m).

The municipality of Hinterstoder consits of following villages: Hinterberg, Hinterstoder, Mitterstoder, and Vordertambergau.

Hinterstoder belongs to Austria since the 12th century. It was taken from the duchy of Bavaria.

The village was mentioned the first time in a document in 1240 as "Stoder". Stoder is a word of the Slavonic language and means "cold" or "stony ground". The first settlers of Hinterstoder were Slavs. The Traun river which flows through the cities of Wels and Linz, was the border between the German speaking and the Slavonian speaking settlers in those times.

In 1890 the first recordings of over night stays were done. The tourism started in Hinterstoder. In 1897 the first police station was opened. Hinterstoder received its railway connection in 1906 and in 1910 the sport of skiing became popular. The first ski race took place on the 10th December 1912. Today the village is world famous for its world cup ski races. The first ski race for the world cup was hosted in 1986. This was another important impulse for the winter tourism in Hinterstoder.


The main road through the centre of Hinterstoder. We arrived on a sunny Wednesday morning in the beginning of May.


The town hall of the municipality H interstoder.


Hösshalle - the meeting point during the world cup ski races.


A look to the mountains which surround the village.


The may tree of Hinterstoder.

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Hotel Lisa GarniNr. 224573 Hinterstoder

Vitalhotel StoderhofNr. 104573 Hinterstoder

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Bauernhof-Pension Berghof SturmgutFarnau 64573 Hinterstoder

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