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upper austria bad ischlInhabitants: 15.000

The old  summer residence of Emperor Franz Joseph Bad Ischl is located in the south of Upper Austria, in the area known as the Salzkammergut.

On August 19, 1853 the engagement between Emperor Franz Joseph I and Empress Elisabeth of Bavaria took place at Esplanade No. 10, which is since 1989 used for Museum der Stadt Bad Ischl (1882 - 1982 was used for Hotel "Austria").

In the years 10-15 B.C. Bad Ischl was hard embattled by troops of the old Rome. Romeans wanted to take the rich salt sources of the place. The soldiers of Rome won, and built a settlement of todays municipal area.

Bad Ischl was first mentioned in a documant as "Iselen" in the year 1262.

The period of prosperity in Bad Ischl started in the year 1823. The first therapeutic bath as brine bath was built. In short time Bad Ischl became famous in whole Europe, and more and more tourists came to visit Bad Ischl. But the absolute highlight of Bad Ischl was between the years 1849-1914, when Emperor Franz Joseph chose the town to be his summer residence.

A holiday in Bad Ischl means a holiday within easy reach of everything. Due to the central location of the town, it is an ideal base of exploring the whole region. Bad Ischl, the former summer residence of the emperor, can look back at a long history which it still proudly displays in many areas. It is also a town, however, that because of it's historically developed cosmopolitism, has always moved with the times. The exciting contrast between old and new, between traditional and modern makes the one-time holiday resort of the Austrian imperial family an experience which is difficult to describe in mere words and pictures. To truly feel the charm and the friendliness of this town, you have to have been there yourself.

Districts of the municipalityBad Ischl: Ahorn, Bad Ischl, Haiden, Jainzen, Kaltenbach, Lauffen, Lindau, Pfandl, Perneck, Reiterndorf, Rettenbach, Eck, Hinterstein, Jainzen, Köss¸lbach, Kreutern, Mitterweiss¸enbach, Ramsau, Roith, Steinbruch, Steinfeld, Sulzbach.

bad ischl

The "Kaiservilla"(Imperial Villa)  in Bad Ischl, the centre with the church tower in background.

bad ischl

A walk through the centre of Bad Ischl on a sunny winters day.

bad ischl

The historic hotel "Hotel zur Post" is not a hotel anymore ...

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Accommodation Hotels:Austria Classic Hotel Goldenes SchiffStifterkai 34820 Bad Ischl

Landhotel HubertushofGötzstrass¸e 1A- 4820 Bad Ischl

Thermenhotel Bad IschlVoglhuberstrass¸e 10A- 4820 Bad Ischl

Hotel Goldener Ochs GmbHGrazerstrasse 4A- 4820 Bad Ischl

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