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Bad Hall

bad hallInhabitants: 5.200

Bad Hall is a town in the South Eastern part of Upper Austria.

The municipality of Bad Hall consits of following villages and districts: Bad Hall, Furtberg, Grossmengersdorf, Hehenberg, Brunnhub, Pesendorf, Kleinmengersdorf, Urndorf, Haid, and Konradsdorf.

74,4% of Bad Halls surface are used agriculturally.

Bad Hall was mentioned the first time in 777. It was in a document of the monastery Kremsmünster. Bad Hall received the permission for markets in 1287. This makes Bad Hall to one of the oldest markets in Austria. The town has saline sources.

Bad Hall has its own theatre with focus on operetta, musical comedy and musicals. There is also a museum of front doors. Bad Hall is a spa health resort and has its own orchestra as well. It was founded in 1855. The most famous maestro of the orchestra was Gustav Mahler.

The Tassilo source temple is the oldest iodine-brine-source of Bad Hall. The source was already mentioned in 777.

Smithery is another important source of income for Bad Hall. Since 2002 the town is a member of the European circle of smiths.

bad hall

The traffic circle in the centre of Bad Hall.

bad hall

The impressive white church is the first symbol of Bad Hall you see from a distance.


Another view of the international flagged traffic circle.

bad hall

Little fountains in the centre of Bad Hall.

bad hall

On the right: the town hall.

bad hall

The "Badhaus" in the yellow building serves as pension.

bad hall

Restaurant Gasthof Mitter, Hauptplatz1, located directly next to the town hall.

bad hall

Fried fish with potatoes and rice for 6,80 EUR.
Wiener Schnitzel takes 8 EUR with 1,50 EUR "kitchen addition".
One glass of mineral water: 1,80 EUR.
Lemonade: 1,90 EUR.

bad hall

The urinals of the restaurant: beer, wine, apple juice and lemonade drinkers must use specific urinals.

Accommodation Hotels:

Hotel HallerhofHauptplatz 26 and 274540 Bad Hall

Parkhotel Zur KlauseAm Sulzbach 104540 Bad Hall

Hotel Pfeil SylviaBrucknerstrasse 154540 Bad Hall

Tassilo HotelParkstrasse 44540 Bad Hall

Landes-VillaParkstrasse 14540 Bad Hall

Parkpension BillrothBillrothstrasse 144540 Bad Hall

Pension BadhausHauptplatz 94540 Bad Hall

Pension GubeschBrucknerstrasse 54540 Bad Hall

Pension PreeGuntherstrasse 64540 Bad Hall

Zur Schönen AussichtKremsmünsterer Strasse 54540 Bad Hall

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