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styria mariazellInhabitants: 2.000

Mariazell is a small city in the Austrian federal state Styria, well known for winter sports, 143 km from Graz. It is picturesquely situated in the valley of the Salza, amid the north Styrian Alps.

Mariazell is the most frequented sanctuary in Austria. The object of veneration is a miracle-working image of the Virgin, carved in lime-tree wood. This was presented to the place in 1157, and is now enshrined in a chapel lavishly adorned with objects of silver and other costly materials. The large church of which the chapel forms part was erected in 1644 as an expansion of a smaller church built by Louis I, king of Hungary, after a victory over the Turks in 1363. In the vicinity of Mariazell is the pretty Alpine lake of Erlaufsee.

On arriving in Mariazell, visitors are amazed by the wide range of languages, peoples and cultures they encounter. It is a town with an 850-year history and reflects the full diversity of European life. Many generations have left their traces here, as attested to by the treasure chambers, votive images and streams of countless pilgrims. The holy statue of he Blessed Virgin in Mariazell, known as "Magna Mater Austriae", "Magna Hungarorum Domina" and "Mater Gentium Slavorum", is a beacon for people searching for meaning in their lives.

As one of Europe's most renowned pilgrimage sites, Mariazell is a member of the "Shrines of Europe", along with Fatima, Lourdes, Loretto, Altötting and Czestochowa. Besides the Mariazell Basilica, Mariazeller Land has a host of other churches and sacred sites ideal for transquil visits and contemplation.


The basilica of Mariazell.


The "Grazer Strasse" to the "Hauptplatz".


Lovely house front in the centre.


Pirker's Lebzelterei - the place for souvenirs in Mariazell!


You have direct connection from the center of Mariazell to the ski area (Bürgeralpe) through a cable car.


The "Wiener Strasse".



Accommodation Hotels:Hotel Schwarzer AdlerHauptplatz 1A- 8630 MARIAZELLmariazell

The Hotel Schwarzer Adler in the centre of Mariazell.

Hotel Drei HasenWienerstrasse 118630 Mariazellmariazell

The hotel named "three rabbits".

Hotel Haus FeichteggerWienerstrasse 68630 Mariazellmariazell

The hotel "Haus Feichtegger" is located in the centre.


The Wienerstrasse is combinated with a pedestrian precinct. The blue building is the  Brauhaus Mariazell, Wiener Strasse 5, 8630 Mariazell

Hotel Goldener LöweHauptplatz 1 8630 Mariazellmariazell

Gasthof Zum Heiligen Geist    Wiener Strasse 38A-8630 Mariazellmariazell

The hotel "to the holy ghost" is located very close to the cable car station Bürgeralpe.

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