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liezen styria steiermarkInhabitants: 7.000

You come to Liezen from the north if you pass the Phyrn pass. Liezen is a Styrian town and located in the uppermost north of the federal province. The region is called "Steirisches Ennstal".

The first settlers in the area in and around Liezen were Illyrer around 800 BC.  The Illyrer also gave us the names like Enns, Tauern, Tausnig and Phyrn. There is not much known about their form of settlement and culture.

In 500 BC the Romean soldiers came and annexed Liezen to their Romean Empire. The Romeans were excellent road makers, and they made a road through Liezen from Virunum (Klagenfurt) to Ovilava (Wels).

By the end of the Romean empire, the area around Liezen became deserted. In the year 600 the Alpin Slavonians settled in Liezen. From them Liezen got it's name. "Liezen" means something like "swamp place" or "wet meadow".

In  the 8th century Karl the Great won the war against the Avaren and Bavarians and Franconians came to live in Liezen.

Nowadays Liezen is a very important shopping town. The combination of hypermarkets, shopping centers, several specialist shops, as well as the spacious parking opportunities and the good traffic location makes Liezen a pulsating heart of the economy of the Emnstal region.

liezen upper austria oberösterreichThe road from the Phyrn pass to the centre of Liezen.

liezen upper austria oberösterreichPast the church which was first mentioned in the year 1160.

liezen upper austria oberösterreichFrom north to south out of the centre to the shopping centers.

liezen upper austria oberösterreich

One of the many shopping opportunities in Liezen: Licht Discount, Hauptstrass¸e 30, 8940 Liezen

Accommodation Hotels:Berggasthof ZiererHirschriegelweg 208940 Liezen

Cafe Restaurant SchnuderlAusseer Strass¸e 338940 Liezen

Der LiezenerhofAlpenbadstr. 28940 Liezen

Hotel KarowBahnhofstrass¸e 38940 Liezen

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