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kapfenbergInhabitants: 22.500

Behind Graz and Leoben, Kapfenberg is the third biggest town in the federal state of Styria. Kapfenberg is located on the Mürz river between the towns of Kindberg and Bruck an der Mur, in the middle of the Murtal valley.

The town is well known for its steel industry (Böhler factory).

Kapfenberg was already populated in the Neolithic Age. During the Roman period Kapfenberg was part of the province "Noricum".

Kapfenberg was mentioned the first time in a document in 1173 as "Chastrum chaffenberch".

Hammer mills accrued during the 15th century. In 1894 the important steel factory of Böhler was founded. Since that time the development of Kapfenberg is strongly connected with the development of the Böhler factory.

Kapfenberg profited enourmos of both world wars because of its war industry. But the destructions during the end of the second world war were enourmos. The plants which survived the war were dismantled and brought to Russia as compensation. The steel industry of Kapfenberg had to start from zero again, recovered soon, and is doing quite well today.


The main square of Kapfenberg.


Bipa market on the main square.


The castle of Kapfenberg "Burg Oberkapfenberg" was built in 1328.


The last person moved out of the castle in 1739.


The Mürz river.


The culture center of Kapfenberg is located between the Mürz river and the main square.


The town hall is located at the main square.

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