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graz styria steiermarkInhabitants: 290.000

Graz is the capital of the Austrian federal state Styria and located in the South Eastern part of Austria.

The name "Graz" comes from the Slovenian language. Gradec was the original name, which means "small castle". Graz is the second biggest city of Austria, and with 4 universities the second most important university city in Austria. Graz was also the cultural capital in 2003.

The city is divided in 17 distrcits which are as follows: Innere Stadt, St. Leonhard, Geidorf, Lend, Gries, Jakomini, Liebenau, St. Peter, Waltendorf, Ries, Mariatrost, Andritz, Gösting, Eggenberg, Wetzelsdorf, Strassgang, Puntigam.

The area around the Grazer Schlossberg Hill was colonized already since the early stoneage. The Romans built a fortress on that place. Slavonians later made a castle out of the fortress, which was the birth of the name of Graz: Gradec. Which means "little castle".

The name "Graz" was first mentioned in a document in the year 1128.

Graz became residence of the Habsburg dynasty in the 14th century. They lived in the castle and ruled "Inner Austria" from there which included Styria, Carinthia and parts of todays Italy (including Triest) and Slovenia.

The first university was founded in 1585. Artists and master builder set the tone of the city in that time.


A walk through the old town of Graz.


Strehly Konditorei - the inv entor of the Grazer Schlossbergkugel chocolate.


The green tramway in the centre of Graz should symbolize the "green heart" of Styria.

Restaurant "Zur goldenen Pastete"Sporgasse 288010 Grazgraz

One of the finest addresses in Graz. The owner, Walter Patterer, was the personal waiter for Queen Elizabeth during her visit in Graz in 1967.

Accommodation Hotels:Grand Hotel WieslerGrieskai 12-16A- 8020 Graz

Hotel Erzherzog JohannSackstrasse 3-5A- 8010 Graz

Hotel GollnerSchlögelgasse 14A- 8010 Graz

Hotel Stoiser GrazMariatrosterstrasse 174A- 8044 Graz-Mariatrost

Schlossberg HotelKaiser-Franz-Josef Kai 30A- 8010 Graz

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