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styria steiermark deutschfeistritzInhabitants: 4.100

Deutschfeistritz is a little town in the federal province of Styria, located in the north of the Styrian capital Graz.

The noticeable sight of Deutschfeistritz is the church on a steep hill from the 12th century. Also the Sensenmwerk museum is quite popular and well known in the region.

Deutschfeistritz is good place to live. There are all necessary infrastructures available and there is also a school center.

From the first to the fifth century was a Romean village in Deutschfeistritz. In 1297 the church on the steep hill called Holy St. Martin was mentioned the first time.

deutschfeistritz styria steiermark

The town hall of Deutschfeistritz.

deutschfeistritz styria steiermark

The water wheel as attraction in the centre of the town.

deutschfeistritz styria steiermark

The old church called Holy St. Martin from the 12th century on the steep hill.

deutschfeistritz styria steiermark

A walk through the empty streets of the calm little town.

deutschfeistritz styria steiermark

The railway stop of Deutschfeistritz in the centre of the town.

Accommodation H otels:Gasthof BernthalerKöniggraben 528121 Deutschfeistritz

Pension LindenhofFam. BeinhauerZitoll 248121 Deutschfeistritz

Gasthof HörmannFam. Hörmannss€œbelbacherstrass¸e 48121 Deutschfeistritz

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