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Bad Radkersburg

steiermark styria bad radkersburgInhabitants: 1.600

Bad Radkersburg is a health resort in the three country corner of Austria, Slovenia and Hungary. This place is the most southeastern part of Austria.

Bad Radkersburg has different names in other languages. Radgona in Slovenian, and Regede in Hungarian.

The 80°C hot thermal spring and the longest sunshine duration in Austria makes Bad Radkersburg to a very popular holiday destination.

Bad Radkersburg was first mentioned in 1182. The town has always been a border and barrier against the Hungarians. The location on the river Mur and on important trade routes made Bad Radkersburg to an important trade centre.

bad radkersburg

Entering the centre of Bad Radkersburg.

bad radkersburg

Roundabout with fountain on the outskirts of Bad Radkersburg.

bad radkersburg

The main road to the centre.

bad radkersburg

This is not a church tower. It's the tower of the townhall.

bad radkersburg

The thermal spring of Bad Radkersburg "Parktherme".

bad radkersburg

A traditional coffee house and baker's shop in Bad Radkersburg.

bad radkersburg ;

The fortress wall around Bad Radkersburg.

Accommodation Hotels:

Hotel im ParkKurhausstrasse 5A- 8490 Bad Radkersburg

Hotel TriestAlfred Merlini-Allee 5A- 8490 Bad Radkersburg

Landhaus Vier JahreszeitenThermenstrass¸e 11A- 8490 Bad Radkersburg

Thermalhotel FontanaAlfred Merlini Allee 68490 Bad Radkersburg

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