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Salzburg City

SalzburgInhabitants: 150.000

The first settlements were located around the hills of todays Salzburg City. In the year 45 AD the Romeans  gave the name "Juvavum" for this place. Salzburg became a city in the year 1287. In 1997, Salzburg's Old Town was included in UNESCO's world heritage list in the category listing cultural monuments worth preserving for future generations.Salzburg City is the capital of the federal province "Salzburg County", and well known to be Mozart's native town. The attractive high baroque centre is one of many sights. The Getreidegasse, Mozart's birth place, the Salzach river, and the twin peaks of Kapuzinerberg and Mönchsberg around. Salzburg is one of Austria's most beautiful cities.

getreidegasse salzburg
The Getreidegasse in Salzburg. Mozart was born here.

salzburg festung hohensalzburg fortress
The Fortress Hohensalzburg seen from the Mirabell garden.

You can even find rocky ravines in the center of the city.
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