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salzburg bischofshofenInhabitants: 11.000Bischofshofen is a village in Salzburg county, and located in the Salzach valley which is an important railway hub and lies at the Tauernautobahn, a highway route through the Alps.Bischofshofen was always mentioned as the "cradle of Pongau (a province of the federal state Salzburg county)". It's because this town was one of the first important places for living, mining and trade in the center of Salzburg county. Since more than 5.000 years people are living in the area of todays Bischofshofen. In the year 1151 Bischofshofen was mentioned in a document the first time by the name "Hofen".

Bischofshofen is also well known for it's ski jump stadium, which is called "Paul-Ausserleitner-Schanze". The Bischofshofen ski jump event is part of the "Vierschanzentournee (four ski jump tournament)" with the final competition on the "Dreikönigstag (Epiphanias)".


The first image which you see when you enter the town.


Always the wonderful panorama of the mountains in your view, when you walk through the streets of Bischofshofen.


The main square in the center of Bischofshofen. On the right the "Reiterkrämer Haus".

Accommodation Hotels:Gasthof Ti rolerwirtGasteinerstrasse 35500 Bischofshofenbischofshofen

The Gasthof Tirolerwirt offers 22 beds.

Gasthaus RathauswirtDr.-August-Heinrichstrasse 75500 Bischofshofen

Gasthof Alte PostAlte Bundesstrasse 35500 Bischofshofen

Gasthof SchützenhofAlte Bundesstrasse 35500 Bischofshofen

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