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Lackenhof am Ötscher

lower austria lackenhof am otscherInhabitants: 4.000 (Gaming municipality)

Lackenhof am Otscher is a little village in the southwestern part of the Lower Austria, and belongs to the municipality of Gaming.

Lackenhof is located at the foot of the Mount Otscher, and offers winter holiday for the whole family. Alpine skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, or with any other winter outdoor activity you will get your money's worth.


When you reach the village you will have a wonderful view on the Mount Otscher, which can be visited by a chairlift.


A view to the centre of Lackenhof.


Enjoying winter sport on boards or skies at the main ski run called "Eibenkogel".


The "gate" to Lackenhof. In the background the "Frühstückspension zur Post" which is closed at the moment (2006).


Walking through the streets of Lackenhof: in sight the Mount "Grosse Ötscher" with it's chairlift.


There is also a little version of the Mount Otscher ("der kleine Ötscher"). Also reachable by chairlift.

Accommodation Hotels:Sporthotel am ÖtscherTeichwiese 53295 Lackenhof/Ötscher,lackenhof

The Sporthotel is located very close to the piste named "Kälberhalt".

Gasthof Zur LindeLindenplatz 13295 Lackenhoflackenhof

Hotel and restaurant! One of the oldest buildings and restaurants in Lackenhof. An institution with a rich tradition in this little village.

Pension SonnenhofSonnenweg 33295 Lackenhoflackenhof

Pension Sonnenhof is located very close to the chairlift Eigenkogel.

Kirchenwirt Etzler ÖtscherdorfhotelKirchenplatz 4A-3295 Lackenhof am Ötscherlackenhof

60 beds in the centre of Lackenhof.

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