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krems lower austria niederösterreichInhabitants: 24.000

Krems is located in the valley of the Danube river called Donautal in the federal state Lower Austria.

The city of Krems consists of following districts: Angern, Egelsee, Gneixendorf, Hollenburg, Krems, Rehberg, Landersdorf, Scheibenhof, Stein, Thallern, Weinzierl.

Krems has a long history which reaches back 1.000 years. The first mention goes back to the year 995. But also long time before the climatic favoured location was a very good place to settle.

In the 18th century the district of Thallern had the biggest brown coal mine in the whole Austro-Hungarian empire.

On the Wachtberg hill a child grave was found which is 27.000 years old. This is the oldest known grave in Austria.

Krems is a very nice city for sightseeing and shopping. There are many shops in the old town, and it's a cosy pleasure to walk along the narrow alleys between the historic buildings.

krems lower austria niederösterreich

Shopping in the old town of Krems: shops of Triumph, Bipa and Jones.Wiener Strasse 96-102.

krems lower austria niederösterreich

Piaristenkirche Krems. As early as the mid 13th century mention was made of a chapel, St. Mary in Monte. The impressive chancel with its large tracery windows was built in 1456, the church was completed probably in 1515.

krems lower austria niederösterreich

The gate of Krems called "Steiner Tor".

krems lower a ustria niederösterreich

Café Urich next to the "stony gate". Südtiroler Platz 7, 3500 Krems.

krems lower austria niederösterreich

The stony gate inside the city walls: modern and historic architecture close together.

krems lower austria niederösterreich

Shops: Triumph, Jones, Neuroth, Hypo, Reno.

krems lower austria niederösterreich

More shops: Reiter watches and jewelery, DM market, Red Zak, Niedermeyer.

krems lower austria niederösterreich

The Kremser Bank, Schillerstrasse 12.

krems lower austria niederösterreichSimandlbrunner: Simandl fountain. A legend of a poor man who was begging on his knees for some love.

krems lower austria niederösterreich

Gasthof Restaurant Klinglhuber,  Wienerstrasse 2, 3500 Krems.

krems lower austria niederösterreich

The river called "Krems" which flows through the city called "Krems".

Accommodation Hotels:Gourmethotel "Am Förthof"Förthofer Donaulände 83504 Krems an der Donau

Hotel KlinglhuberWiener Strasse 103500 Krems

Steigenberger Avance Hotel KremsAm Goldberg 23500 Krems an der Donau

Hotel "Zum goldenen Engel"Wienerstrasse 413500 Krems

Unter den LindenSchillerstrasse 53500 Krems

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