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hollabrunn lower austria niederösterreichInhabitants: 11.000

Hollabrunn is a little town in the North Eastern part of Austria, and a part of the federal state Lower Austria.

The name of Hollabrunn is a combination of the words Holla (Elder) and Brunn (Spring).

Following districts and villages are part of the municipality of Hollabrunn: Altenmarkt im Thale, Aspersdorf, Breitenwaida, Dietersdorf, Eggendorf im Thale, Enzersdorf im Thale, Gross, Hollabrunn, Kleedorf, Kleinkadolz, Kleinstelzendorf, Kleinstetteldorf, Magersdorf, Mariathal, Oberfellabrunn, Puch, Raschala, Sonnberg, Suttenbrunn, Weyerburg, Wieselsfeld and Wolfsbrunn.

Hollabrunn was mentioned in a document the first time in 1135.

In 1336 the Bohemian king Johann devastated Hollabrunn and the church had to be rebuilt.

During the Napoleon time the place of Hollabrunn was the scene of a battle. Hollabrunn is also mentioned on he "Arc de Triomphe" in Paris. Also in 1809 Austrian and French soldiers were fighting against each other in Hollabrunn.


Bishop's headquarter in Hollabrunn.


The impressive church in Hollabrunn called "St. Ulrich".


The Hauptplatz in Hollabrunn with shops of Niedermeyer and Marionnaud.


Another view of the Hauptplatz.


The town hall with tower.


If you turn right, you will arrive at the Hauptplatz square.


Driving through the centre of Hollabrunn.

Accommodation Hotels:Hotel - Zum goldenen SternWiener Strasse 32   2020 Hollabrunn

Hotel - Zur Stadt HollabrunnParkgasse 22020 Hollabrunn

Sport- und Seminarhotel HollabrunnDechant Pfeiferstrasse 32020 Hollabrunn

Privatzimmer WenzlAnton-Ehrenfried-Strasse 302020 Hollabrunn

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