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gloggnitzInhabitants: 6.500

Gloggnitz is located in the South Eastern part of Lower Austria. The town is surrounded by a green ring of forests.

Gloggnitz was settled the first time in the Palaeolithic Age. The name "Gloggnitz" has a Slavic origin. The ending "itz" shows this. The meaning of the name could be the expression of a "chortling brook".

The first time when Gloggnitz was mentioned in a document was in 1094.

In the middle of the 19th century many facturies occur in Gloggnitz. Mostly factories in the textile and timber industry. 

In 1950 Gloggnitz received the first female mayor in Austria (Zenzi Hölzl).


The centre of Gloggnitz.


The square in the centre is named according to a bank: Square  Sparkassenplatz.


Seems like one of the oldest churches in Gloggnitz.


Stadtsaal: the new town hall of Gloggnitz.


The main road through Gloggnitz.


This interesting building was built to be school, then it was the town hall, and nowadays the building is a again a school.

It was a late Saturday afternoon in Gloggnitz and we were searching a restaurant.gloggnitz

We found "Gasthof Maurer" in the Hauptstrasse 40 which is runned by family Eckbauer.


The restaurant made a good impression from outside. So we went in.

gloggnitzI ordered a turkey filet for 8,30 EUR.The whole bill looked like that:1x toast ... 2,40 EUR1x turkey filet 8,30 EUR1x tea 1,40 EUR1x mineral water 1,00 EURTOTAL SUM: 13,10 EUR

Accommodation Hotels:Burghotel KranichbergKranichberg 12640 Gloggnitz

Hotel-Gasthof LoiblWiener Strasse 122640 Gloggnitz

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