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Cartoon Museum Krems

lower austriaThe Cartoon Museum was built by the Viennese architect Gustav Peichl, also known as cartoonist Ironimus in a small town on the Danube, about one hour by car from Vienna. cartoonmuseumThe roof of the museum is inspired by the Alpine landscape and is topped by a pointed hat. Underneath, on the building's facade, two windows simulate a puzzled look and a red light, a clown's nose. Commonly known as the Manfred Deix Museum because, although the ground floor is open to temporary exhibitions, the upper floor is devoted fully to the works of the most famous cartoonist in Austria, known for his merciless representation of his compatriots. Austrians, as Deix (see an example of his work on the right) likes to portray them, are variations on their peasant ancestry, stuffed by modern prosperity and drawn with simpleton looks.


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