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völkermarktInhabitants: 11.500

Völkermarkt is located in the Eastern part of the federal state Carinthia, directly on the Northern banks of the Drau river.

The municipality of Völkermerkt consits of following districts and villages: Rakollach, Neudenstein, Greuth, Töllerberg, Ruhstatt, Mühlgraben, Bei der Drau, Ob der Drau, Ritzing, Völkermarkt, St. Ruprecht, Waisenberg, Klein St. Veit, Korb, Wandelitzen, St. Jakob, Haimburg, Gurtschitschach, Weinberg, Kaltenbrunn, Niedertrixen, Mittertrixen, St. Peter am Wallersberg, Admont-Lassein, Admont, Aich, Arlsdorf, Attendorf, Bach, Berg ob Attendorf, Berg ob Sankt Martin, Bergstein, Bischofberg, Bösenort, Dobrowa, Drauhofen, Dullach I, Dullach II, Dürrenmoos, Frankenberg, Führholz, Gänsdorf, Gattersdorf, Gletschach, Greuth, Gurtschitschach, Hafendorf, Haimburg, Höhenbergen, Hungerrain, Kaltenbrunn, Klein Sankt Veit, Korb, Kremschitz, Krenobitsch, Kulm, Ladratschen, Lassein, Lasseinerbucht, Lippendorf, Mittertrixen, Neudenstein, Niederdorf, Niedertrixen, Obersielach, Obertrixen, Oschenitzen, Penk, Pörtschach, Rakollach, Rammersdorf, Ratschitschach, Reifnitz, Reisdorf, Ruhstatt, Ruppgegend, Salchendorf, Sankt Agnes, Sankt Georgen am Weinberg, Sankt Jakob, Sankt Lorenzen, Sankt Margarethen ob Töllerberg, Sankt Martin, Sankt Michael ob der Gurk, Sankt Peter am Wallersberg, Sankt Stefan, Skoflitzen, Steinkogel, Tainacherfeld, Terpetzen, Töllerberg, Unarach, Unterbergen, Unterlinden, Völkermarkt, Waisenberg, Wandelitzen, Watzelsdorf, Weinberg, Wernzach, Winklern, Wurzen and Tainach.

Völkermarkt was mentioned the first time in a document in 1309.

In the beginning of the 20th century the town had a high population of Slovenians. Velikovec is the name for Völkermarkt in Slovenian language. But nowadays the Sloven ian times of town are over. In the population census of 2001 only 292 inhabitants of Völkermarkt declared themselfes Slovenian. This is 2,6% of the whole population.

The trade is the most important income for Völkermarkt. There are a lot of different markets through the whole year. From the traditional weekly market and junk market, on to christmas and St. Nicholas markets.

Also tourism is an important mainstay of the town's income. The town registers more than 20.000 over night stays every year. The bathing lakes in the South of the municipality are very popular, but also hiking and alpine climbing as well as cycling are favoured leisure activities in and around Völkermarkt.


The town hall of Völkermarkt.


The centre of Völkermarkt.


Art in the centre of Völkermarkt: a building of glass with glasses inside.


The logo of the  insurance company looks like the one of Amazon.


A historical piece of the historical Völkermarkt.


The extended elementary school of Vöcklabruck a step outside the historical town centre.


The town of Vökermarkt is surrounded by a green paradise.

Accommodation Hotels:Hotel - Restaurant KroneMünzgasse 21-239100 Völkermarktvölkermarkt

The hotel is located directly in the centre of Völkermarkt and offers Sat TV as well as excellent cuisine.

Hotel al ParcoBürgerlustgasse 129100 Völkermarkt

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