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reifnitz carinthia kärntenInhabitants: 600

Reifnitz is a little Carinthian village on the southern shore of the Lake Wörther See and famous for it's Golf GTI meetings.

The first important thing of civilzation in Reifnitz was one of the mightiest fortresses around the Lake Wörther See. The owner of the fortess were able to control the whole southern shore of the Lake Wolfgangsee. It was built in the early middle ages, when Christians from Bavaria arrived and tried to convert pagan Slavonians.

reifnitz carinthia kärnten

The little village of Reifnitz with the observation tower on the Hill Pyramidenkogel.

reifnitz carinthia kärnten

Driving through Reifnitz ...

Accommodation Hotels:Strandhotel SilleWörthersee-Süduferstrass¸e, Am Corso 108A- 9081 Reifnitz

Hotel Pension SteirerhofSeenstrass¸e 17A- 9081 Reifnitz

Seepension StrandhofWörthersee-Süduferstrass¸e 130A- 9081 Reifnitz

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