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pörtschach kärnten carinthiaInhabitants: 3.000

The village of Pörtschach is located on the northern shore of the Lake Wörther See.

The first findings date from the Romean times. There was a main road through Pörtschach from Velden to Krumpendorf. Around the year 600 Slavonians came and created a village. Todays name could come from that time period. The Slavonian name of the village was "Porecah" and this means "People who live next to the brook".

Around 1490 the Castle Leonstain was built very close to the centre of Pörtschach. Nowadays there is a hotel in the Castle.

The touristic boom of the village started with the first "Sommerfrischler" in the 19th century. Especially when the shipping began on the Lake Wörther See in the year 1853, the tourists came more and more.

pörtschach carinthia kärnten

The Castle Leonstain in the centre of Pörtschach.

pörtschach carinthia kärnten

Through the main streets of Pörtschach.

pörtschach carinthia kärnten

pörtschach carinthia kärnten

The municipal office of Pörtschach.

Accommodation Hotels:Hotel Schloss SeefelsTöschling 1A- 9210 Pörtschach

Appartements-Familienhotel Elisabeth Mühlweg 40-42A- 9210 Pörtschach

Schloss LeonstainLeonstainerstrass¸e 1A- 9210 Pörtschach am Wörthersee

Seehotel Porcia****Hauptstrasse 2319210 Pörtschach am Wörthersee

Hotel PörtschacherhofHauptstrass¸e 1619210 Pörtschach am Wörthersee

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