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carinthia kärnten metnitzInhabitants: 2.500

Metnitz is a little village in the Carinthian Metnitz valley and known for it's "Totentanz" fresco.

Metnitz includes following districts and villages: Auen, Feistritz, Felfernigthal, Grades, Klachl, Lass¸nitz, Maria Höfl, Marienheim, Metnitz, Mödring, Oberalpe, Oberhof-Schattseite, Oberhof-Sonnseite, Preinig, Schnatten, Schwarzenbach, Teichl, Unteralpe, Vellach, Wöbring, Zanitzberg, Zwatzhof.

The well wooded mountain area was colonized quite late. The upper Metnitz valley was given in 1072 from archbishop Gebhard von Salzburg to the diocese Gurk. The village Feistritz was settled in the 11th century. In 1599 Metnitz received the privilege for commerce. In 1744 the empress Maria Theresia gave the right to Metnitz to wear uniforms.

The most important thing in Metnitz is the Totentanz museum. Austrias only frescos of the monumental Totentanz (dance of the deaths) from the 15th century are stored there.  The museum also shows an excellent documentation about the character of the most important Eurpean "Totentänze".

The Totentanz was a wide spread representation in the 15th and 16th century of a round dance, in which humans of any age and social standing were taken away from a dancing dead body (skeleton).


From the church and the Totentanz museum to the centre.


The Totentanz museum in Metnitz.


A To tentanz sculpture on the market place in Metnitz.

Accommodation Hotels:Waldgut OberhofOberhof 89363 Metnitz

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