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Bad Kleinkirchheim

bad kleinkirchheimInhabitants: 2.000

Bad Kleinkirchheim is a popular spa and climatic health resort as well as a famous wintersport place in the Northern area of Carinthia.

In the middle of the 20th century Bad Kleinkirchheim had a rustic influence, even if the place was well known as spa resort in the 11th century. In the last decades the village developed to a tourist place, and the rustic influence dissapeared.

There are no traces of civilzation before the Romean time, and also during the Romean empire todays Bad Kleinkirchheim was without humans. Only after the end of the Romean empire Slavonian settlers arrived from the east. In the middle of the 8th century the first Bavarian settlers came from the north.

bad kleinkirchheim

The centre of Bad Kleinkirchheim.

bad kleinkirchheim

The Kaiserburgbahn brings you up to the mountain top.

bad kleinkirchheim

The Thermal Spring "St. Kathrein" is located in the Western part of the village.

bad kleinkirchheim

Ristorante Pizzeria Almstubn.

Accommodation Hotels:Thermenhotel RonacherThermenstrass¸e 3A-9546 Bad Kleinkirchheim

THERMENWELT Hotel PULVERERThermenstrasse 4A-9546 Bad Kleinkirchheim

Almrausch **** VerwöhnhotelWasserfallweg 7A-9546 Bad KleinkirchheimAlpenhotel Schneeweiss¸Rosennockstr. 4 - St.OswaldA-9546 Bad Kleinkirchheim

Ferienhotel Kolmhof ****Dorfstrasse 26Direkt an der SkischaukelA-9546 Bad Kleinkirchheim

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