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podersdorf burgenlandInhabitants: 2.100

Podersdorf is located on the Eastern shore of the Lake Neusdiedlersee in the federal state of Burgenland.

The Hungarian name for Podersdorf is Pátfalu.

As many towns and villages around the Lake Neusiedlersee also Podersdorf most important income sources are viticulture and tourism.

It's told that Podersdorf has the most tourists of all holiday destinations around the Lake Neusiedlersee.

podersdorf burgenland

Entering the centre of Podersdorf by car.On the left: Pension Wachtler, Neusiedler Strasse 10, 7141 Podersdorf

podersdorf burgenland

Entering the avenue to the lake in the centre of Podersdorf.

podersdorf burgenland

The avenue which leads to the lake.

podersdorf burgenland

On the left: Pension Gabriele Steiner ***, Seestrasse 33, 7141 Podersdorf, offers 26 beds in 12 roomsRaiffeisenbank Podersdorf, Seestrasse 35 - 37, 7141 Podersdorf

podersdorf burgenland

The church in Podersdorf is called "Holy Katherina" and was mentioned the first time in a document in the year 1217.In its long history the church was destroyed two times by Turkish soldiers.On the right: Podersdorfer Bauernladen (the farmers shop).

podersdorf burgenland

The main square close to the lake and the Hotel Seewirt.

Accommodation Hotels:Hotel SeewinklFamilie Lieselotte und Ernst SteinerSteinbruch 1/367141 Podersdorf am See

Hotel Seewirt Haus AttilaFamilie KarnerStrandplatz 17141 Podersdorf am SeeOn the 6th May 1996 an Austrian newspaper wrote: Seewirt in Podersdorf is the most wonderful place in the world.

Hotel Restaurant Pannonia & St. FlorianSeezeile 20Seeufergasse 17141 Podersdorf am See

Hotel SeehofFamilie Otto und Patricia GischSeeufergasse 237141 Podersdorf am See

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