burgenland oberpullendorfInhabitants: 2.900

Oberpullendorf is located in the centre of the federal state Burgenland.

Through its changeful history the town also has its own names in other languages: Felsőpulya in Hungarian and Gornja Pulja in Croatian language.

The area around Oberpullendorf has been populated since the Neolithic age. During the early Iron age the district was a flourishing iron industrial area. Josef Polatschek, a gardener and a regional researcher, was the one to map the praehistoric places.

Oberpullendorf was firstly documented in 1225 as a Hungarian frontier guard settlement. In 1853 Oberpullendorf became the location of a Hungarian revenue authority. The town was like the rest of the country a part of Hungary until 1920/1921.

Coat of arms: On a red shield a golden city wall with a golden gate can be seen. Above that, on the right front there is a golden lion having a golden sword and in the background there are two golden ears.

oberpullendorf burgenland

The Josef Haydn school in Oberpullendorf.

oberpullendorf burgenland

The market place in the centre of Oberpullendorf.

oberpullendorf burgenland

The street called "Hauptstrasse" in the centre of Oberpullendorf.

oberpullendorf burgenland

Another view of the Hauptstrasse in Oberpullendorf.

Accommodation Hotels:Sporthotel Gnter KurzStadiongasse 1673 50 Oberpullendorf

Gasthof Franz StrommerAugasse 297350 Oberpullendorf

Weingasthof KrailPaul KrailHauptstrasse 377350 Oberpullendorf

Privatzimmer Ingrid BammerHaydngasse 4A- 7350 Oberpullendorf