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Donnerskirchen is the village in the federal state of Burgenland.

The most interesting things about Donnerskirchen is the church. The church hl. Martin was built under the reign of Duke Esterhazy in 1676. The church is located on a hill over the village. During armed conflicts it was possible to use the church as a fortress and shelter for the concerned population.


Driving by car from Oggau to Donnerskirchen.


The church on the left, the centre of Donnerskirchen straight ahead.


On the left: the carpenter Mutsch in Donnerskirchen.

Accommodation Hotels:Check-In Hotel DonnerskirchenAm Seeblick 67082 Donnerskirchen

Familie Josef u. Maria BettendorfWeingartenweg 57082 Donnerskirchen

Apartments "Am L÷wenhof"Johannesstrasse 367082 Donnerskirchen