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Gorizia (Görz/Gorice/Gurize)

Inhabitants: 45.000

Gorizia (Italian)

Görz (German)

Gorice (Slovenian)

Gurice (Furlanic)

Gorizia is an Italian town in the northeastern part, close to the Slovenian border.

Gorizia was an Austrian town for 418 years (from 1500 - 1918)!

Leonhard, the last duke of Görz, tried his whole life to get his lost posessions in Carinthia back. For that he joined a lot of alliances. In 1500 he made a new inherit contract with the Austrian Habsburger Empire. To his back luck he died in the same year, and according to the contract, all his possesions went to the Habsburger Emperor Maximilian I., and so the town of Gorizia became Austrian territory.

In 1918 the Austrian-Hungarian Empire lost the first world war, and Italy received the town as one of many gifts.

Gorizia was continuous three trilingual (Italian, Slovenian and German). In 1900 Gorizia had 25.243 inhabitants, from them 16.112 were Italians, 4.654 Slovenian and 2.760 Germans, the rest was garrison.

After Italys entry into the war in May 1915, it was the declared goal of the Italians to get forward to the Isonzo river. In 1916 Italian was able to take Gorizia. In fall 1917 the Austrians conquered the town back. After the war in 1918 the town became Italian again. After the second world war, Gorizia was divided between Italy and Yugoslavia in the peace conference of Paris in 1947. The little eastern part with the railway station came to Slovenia, which was a province of Yugoslavia in that time.

gorizia old austria Chiesa di Sant'Ignazio

The church "Chiesa di Sant'Ignazio" on the "Piazza Vittoria". The church was built in 1654 by the Jesuits, who also founded the Werdenbergian Seminary and the University. In the hall, placed in the left wing and superbly preserved from World War I damages, are discussed graduation theses. The church was completed by the late 17th century: its nave is flanked by three separate chapels on each side. The facade was started only in the 18th century and was designed by Cristoforo Tausch, who also planned the statues held in the front niches and the two campaniles with onion-shaped spires.

gorizia old austria piazza vittoria

Houses on the Piazza Vittoria.

gorizia old austria

Somewhere in the centre of Gorizia.

gorizia old austria piazza vittoria la Fontana del Nettuno

"La Fontana del Nettuno" on the Piazza Vittoria. The fountain was built under Empress Mary Theresa of Austria. For over a hundred years the fountain waters supplied a big part of the town.

gorizia old austria Borgo Castello di Gorizia

The "Borgo Castello di Gorizia" with a wonderful view over the town.

gorizia old austria Borgo Castello di Gorizia

The castle was built in the 11th century and was then enlarged when the Counts grew in power. The most ancient part is the Counts' Palace. In the halls of the castle are held many precious furnishings from the Renaissance period, the Baroque and the 18th century. Bombed during World War 1, it was rebuilt in its 16th century style.

gorizia old austria

A view on the roofs of Gorizia from the Borgo Castello.

gorizia old austria

Narrow streets and alleys in the centre of Gorizia. Of course almost anything is closed there during lunchtime until early afternoon. Siesta!

gorizia old austria

The street from the motorway connection (Udine/Trieste) to the centre of Gorizia.

Accommodation Hotels:Hotel Internazionale GoriziaViale Trieste 173Gorizia

gorizia old austria hotel internazionale

The "Hotel Internazionale Gorizia" is the first hotel in Gorizia which you will find if you go from the motorway exit to the centre.

gorizia old austria hotel internazionale

All 43 rooms, as well as the 6 "Junior Suites", are carefully decorated and attention has been paid to every detail. Each one has a different colour theme, and they are all equipped with air conditioning, satellite TV and Internet connections, offering the cosiness and comfort that only a home atmosphere can provide.

gorizia old austria hotel internazionale

I stayed there for one night and can recommend this place. Especially the breakfast surprises with a lot of sweet Italian delicacies, and the room was very clean and nice with a fridge, which was perfect on a hot summer day. Price: 80 EUR (for one night with two persons) (June 2006).

Oth er hotels in Gorizia:






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