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Bovec (Flitsch, Plezzo)

Bovec (Slovenian)

Flitsch (German)

Plezzo (Italian)

Inhabitants: 3.200

Bovec was a part of Austria from 1250 to 1918.

Bovec is a little village in the northwestern part of Slovenia. In the west directly on the border to Italy, and in the north only 30km from Austria, located in the centre of the Alpine region "Julische Alpen" in the Trenta valley.

The main income of the village is tourism. There are a lot of hotels and overnight accommodations. The high mountains with ski opportunities around the village, and the little lakes with ravines and the two rivers Soca (Isonzo) and Koritnica makes it the perfect place for a holiday in summer and winter.

During the first world war, Bovec was the place of a big battle between Austrians and Italians in October 1917. The Austrian-Hungarian army made a breakthrough by Bovec, and was able to overrun the Italian positions.

bovec flitsch plezzo old austria slovenia

The church of St. Ulrich, with its dominant position on the high plain to which leads a monumental staircase, endows Bovec with a more picturesque appearance. The main façade is in the neo-Roman style, and in the nave of the church the remains of old Gothic architecture may be found, which are visible in the Gothic portals and in the Gothic triumphal arch in the eastern wall of the nave. In the interior of the presbytery stands an imposing altar fashioned from the local reddish rock. The windows with multicoloured stained glass images (vitrages) give the rich and varied interior an additional charm while the external appearance is complemented by the mighty belfry.

bovec flitsch plezzo old austria slovenia

The centre of Bovec.

bovec flitsch plezzo old austria slovenia

Another view to the centre of Bovec.

bovec flitsch plezzo old austria slovenia

The road to Bovec from Austria.

Accommodation Hotels:Dobra vila d.o.o.Mala vas 1125230 Bovec24 beds

Hotel Kanin d.o.o.Ledina 65230 Bovec270 beds

Motel EncijanEncijan Inc d.o.o.Log pod Mangrtom 315231 Log pod Mangrtom25 beds

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